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World Transience :iconjuupion:Juupion 389 9
Dad!Steve Rogers X Child!Reader
∞ A Child's Curiosity ∞
~ 6 Years Old ~
            “Miss?” a small voice asked, almost drowned out by the soft hum of noise around them.
            “Where are we headed to?”
            “Director Fury’s office,” answered the woman in front of her, not looking back. Six year old (Name) looked up and tilted her head to the side in a questioning manner. The name ‘Fury’ was one she didn’t know but then again – she didn’t even know where she was.
            Her (e/c) eyes slowly moved away
:iconcrimsonlessblood:CrimsonlessBlood 68 3
Cardboard boxes (Tony Stark x Child! Reader)

                   Cardboard boxes (Tony Stark x Child! Reader)
(Name) Stark loved to watch her father work. She liked to see him tinker with all the bits of metal and see him mould them together. Her favourite part was when he did the coding though, but that’s only because she was allowed to do some herself (She’d become quite good at the computer stuff because her dad taught her. That and the fact that she’s a Stark). (Name) always wanted to help her Dad with the actual building but he wouldn’t let her, it was always ‘’Too dangerous!’’ and ‘’I don’t want my precious little baby to get hurt now’’. However (Name) would always sneak into the lab when her daddy wasn’t looking and watch him. What can I say? She was just as curious as her father.
Right now, little (
:iconsparklingcateyes:SparklingCatEyes 191 42
Nightmares (Tony Stark X Reader)
The cool breeze swept through the room like a sweet melody in your ears. The large window cracked ever so slightly, the moon, full and high in the sky. Stars illuminated the dark, giving it a fairy-tale like glow.
It was beautiful, but you were more concerned as to why you had woken up. Was it too cold, was it too hot, was Tony hogging the blankets again?
It clicked.
The well defined arm was missing from your waist. The usual soft snoring was replaced with whimpers.
Yawning, you turned your head, leaving an indent in the pillow.
The lush sheet was tangled around your boyfriend's body. His Arc reactor making a soothing nightlight. He thrashed, grasping at air in his dream-state.
He began to breathe heavily, as if he was sucking in oxygen from being under water. You grasped his arm, ready to shake him from the nightmare, but a metal hand grabbed your shoulder roughly, pinning you back to the bed.
You screamed at the emotionless face. It held a threatening stance, the repulsor was glowing
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 745 157
Mature content
lusting for the bodyguard :icongameguy199:gameguy199 58 21
Mature content
Be A Good Boy - A Raph/Mikey Story (For Klankey) :icontmntraphfan:tmntraphfan 47 12
Leo and lil Mikey :iconkameboxer:KameBoxer 99 11 Voltron / Touken Ranbu Crossover - Shiro + Pidge :iconmeistergao:meistergao 9 0
Ticks 'til Midnight - Voltron Shidge Fic
 The Black Paladin nervously scratched the back of his head as he kept his eyes on the ticker. Pidge groaned and whined as she tapped at her computer. Her chestnut hair had grown long since her beginning days as a Paladin. It now rested on her shoulder in a messy, loose braid. Her lips were twisted in an annoyed pout. The computer shot another error. She’d been spending hours trying to correct the application.
   Tick. Tick. Tick.

 “Maybe a surprise party?” Lance suggested with a shrug. It would be a big year for her turning eighteen.
 “There’s a reason we can’t do that. Her drones are all over the place!” Keith pointed out, poking at his food goo.
 Rover Mark 4 had multiplied. Their function was strictly for surveillance purposes, but it hadn’t stopped her from using their video feed to maintain her privacy.
 “I really want to make a cake though,” the Y
:iconmeistergao:meistergao 10 1
Littner's Curse - Shidge Fanfic
"Katie, where's Shiro?" Her brother shook her shoulders as she focused on piloting the Green Lion. Her father asked the same question, but it fell to deaf ears as she sobbed.
The fires were heard across the corridor as Shiro and Pidge made their way to the prisoner barracks. Keith’s fire had successfully distracted the present troops allowing the other two easy entry. Shiro remembered his words to Keith the previous day after the strategy meeting. “If I don’t make it out, I want you to lead the Voltron team.”
He was willing to sacrifice everything. His thoughts were shaken away from Pidge’s inquiry. “Are we almost there?”
He nodded. “One more corner.”
“We got trouble, Shiro.” Hunk’s voice rang over the helmet speaker. “You got a large number of troops headed from the east. They’re out of range for Lance or me.”
“Roger that.” The east meant he could hold them off as P
:iconmeistergao:meistergao 4 1
Voltron: Exchange :iconatrejane:AtreJane 180 11
Roses VLD Shiro x Pidge
(Caution: May, or may not contain spoilers!)
The paladins, Allura, Coran, Rove and the mice were resting from battling one of Zarkon's fleets, that came to Arus to attack (what else will they come to Arus for?  A cup of space juice??), but the mighty Voltron defeated them (with some help of course)!  Pidge was relaxing in her room; Allura and Coran were rebooting the castles' defenses; Shiro was walking down the hallway holding a giant rose, and Hunk, Lance Keith and Rove walking down the hallway the opposite way.  "I can do this," Shiro mutters to himself.  Rove spots the rose that Shiro holding, while the other guys chit-chat away.  Rove rushes over to him; "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" She says as she swiftly snatches the piece of paper, that Shiro was holding too. Hunk pokes at Lance, who's gloating about his awesome skills at fighting the Galra (naturally) to Keith.  Then they all look over to Shiro and Rove, and listening. "To Pidge; From
:iconwildfiretmc:WildFireTMC 4 8
20160906 - Voltron - Naming Stars - Shiro x Pidge :iconmeistergao:meistergao 7 1 Gashapon Engagement? Shiro x Pidge | Katie Holt :iconmeistergao:meistergao 15 1 Voltron - Pocky Day - Shiro x Pidge :iconmeistergao:meistergao 26 7


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